Gay Marriage: Lawsuit against Florida’s marriage ban.

Our society is changing and new online communities are affecting the new generations, not only, but widening the opinionated views on gay-marriage and homosexuality. Tyler Oakley is an openly gay Youtuber who in 2008 uploaded a satire video of “Why Gay Marriage is WRONG” which caused much controversy and confusion. To his formal audience his video discussed and allowed us to see how ridiculously people speak views against gay marriage. Many things have relatively changed since then. Ignorance and religious beliefs are still  forced upon one another. Yet “Seventeen states now recognize same-sex marriages, including 11 that have come on-board since December 2012.” According to Tampa, there still are countries around the world such as Russia who have gay-marriage bans and continue to discriminate love. 

Same sex couples should be able to be legally recognized by the community they live in and should not be asked to move away in order to be united in marriage. Last week in Florida 6 gay-couples announced lawsuit challenging Florida’s Ban in gay marriage. “The case may take some time to work its way through the court system, but it’s hard to imagine that a gay marriage ban won’t eventually be overturned. Just like the adoption ban before it, there is no legal defense to discrimination.” Stated Melanie and Vanessa Alenier. With their young adopted son in mind they, along with 5 other gay couples debated that there are legal, medical and financial benefits that come along with a marriage certificate.
When an appeals court ruled Florida’s gay adoption ban unconstitutional in 2010, the Aleniers were among the first same-sex adoptive parents in the state; after of course fighting with the Department of Children and Families in court for a year. Children like 5 year old Ethan Alenier who’s mother could not take care of them, are given a home with as much love as a couple of one male and one female would give. It is unbelievable how people believe that gay parents would probably raise a gay child, or would not stand as good role models since there are two parents of the same gender. People believe that the union of marriage would be meaningless and less sacred if anyone was eligible to marry. Marriage has now become more about being legally recognized, rather than becoming a family at it’s core meaning.The states simply deny certain simple concepts, creating much controversy only to give in and legalize it later. If a few ignorant people in charge did not create so much controversy then people would not have to side with lawsuits or activists would not be killed for supporting their beliefs. Everyone has their religious beliefs and cultural beliefs, but we live in such a diverse country that we need to have it all or nothing.

Concluding that the union of two same-sex people is an ongoing debate between the religious,  the ignorant,  and  the people who can see it is love between two souls not genders. Gay marriage should become legal in all states and countries at a quicker rate. Yet for the people who’s beliefs cannot be shook, we cannot force them to accept it. Discrimination is not right under any circumstances, it has been prolonged for too long.


6 thoughts on “Gay Marriage: Lawsuit against Florida’s marriage ban.

      • I will be straight with you on this. I am not against it for other people, i will fully support them. But, i honestly would not want a bi-sexual or “gay” child. I know it seems absurd to say but i was raised with the intentions to not have that. But i do agree with the terms of the state to legalized it 😛

      • I don’t quite seem to agree. This contradicts to your previous statement. You are saying you would not approve of your child being gay ( nature in which you cannot interfere), whilst others should approve of their children being gay.

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